Weighted Calming Blanket


Weighted Calming Blanket

Calming Innovation
Machine Washable
Lavender Infused

Product Details

The WEIGHTED CALM™ insert in the Weighted Calming Blanket provides gentle pressure through an evenly distributed weight across the dog’s body to create a calmer emotional state. Inspired by human weighted blankets, the gentle pressure resembles being hugged or pet, a stimulus to help dogs feel calm and at ease.

- WEIGHTED CALM™ insert is made with non-toxic microbeads
- WEIGHTED CALM™ insert is designed to be up to 10% of your dog’s body weight to comfortably sit across their body
- Light lavender scent for added calming element to help relax dogs
- Ultra soft plush cover perfect for snuggling

How to Use

The Canada Pooch Weighted Calming Blanket is intended to be draped across the dog’s body and is easy for the dog to get up and move. Drape the blanket across the dog’s back, avoiding their neck or head, so the blanket lays evenly on either side of the dog’s body. It may take a few tries to see full effects

The Weighted Calming Blanket cover is washable when the WEIGHTED CALM™ insert is removed. 

Sizing Recommendation

Follow the size guide found below the colour selection. Ensure the weight rests comfortably across your dog’s entire body. The weight of the blanket should not exceed 10% of your dog’s body weight. If your dog is in between sizes, size down. If your dog stands up, remove the blanket so that the weight does not bunch up on any one area. 

Care & Materials

Blanket Cover: Spot clean dirt or machine wash once WEIGHTED CALM™ insert is removed, inside out on gentle cycle, cold water. Hang to dry. Do not iron.

Blanket Cover:
Shell:100% polyester

Blanket Insert:
Lining: 100% lyocell
Fill 1: 100% polyester
Fill 2: 100% glass beads

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Calming Blanket FAQs

The Weighted Calmcollection is designed to help calm anxious dogs. The collection includes a weighted calming vest, weighted blanket for dogs and a calming dog toy that applies a gentle weighted pressure to help create a calmer emotional state.

The collection is weighted with non-toxic microbeads to evenly distribute weight in specific locations on the dog. This helps create a calmer emotional state by providing a sensory distraction and offers a comforting pressure, similar to being hugged or pet.

The weighted blanket for dogs applies a gentle pressure that resembles being hugged or pet, a stimulus to help dogs feel calm and at ease. 

The Weighted Calming Blanket is best suited for dogs that “freeze” or hide when in a stressful situation or experience moments of anxiety. It is not suited for dogs who have any preexisting conditions such as problems with sleep, diabetes, medical concerns with circulation, back or neck issues, and /or low blood pressure. 

The weighted calming blanket cover is machine washable once the insert is removed. The Weighted Calm insert is spot clean only. 

The size of blanket you get for your dog depends entirely on your dog’s weight. The weighted blanket should not exceed 10% of your dog’s body weight. Please reference the size guide for proper sizing. If your dog is 13-34lbs, use a size S. If they are 34-70lbs, use a size M. for 68lbs+ dogs, use a size L. If you are unsure, please reach out to one of our customer

The Weighted Solution to Help Calm Anxious Dogs

About the Weighted Calming Blanket:

  • Weighted Calm™ insert provides a gentle pressure across your dog's body and is lavender infused
  • Comfortable and soft for dogs that freeze or shake when anxious