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Weighted Calm™ Collection FAQs

The Weighted Calm™ collection is designed to help calm anxious dogs. The collection includes a weighted calming vest, weighted blanket for dogs and a calming dog toy that applies a gentle weighted pressure to help create a calmer emotional state.  

The collection is weighted with non-toxic microbeads to evenly distribute weight in specific locations on the dog. This helps create a calmer emotional state by providing a sensory distraction and offers a comforting pressure, similar to being hugged or pet.  

Each dog experiences anxiety differently and each product in the collection can be used in different situations; for example, the calming dog vest offers a constant gentle pressure and is great for every situation and is especially good for dogs that pace when anxious. The calming dog toy is great for dogs that gravitate towards toys when anxious or tend to be hyper or overstimulated when anxious and need a distraction. The weighted blanket for dogs is great for dogs that tend to “freeze” when anxious or are staying in one place. Consult your vet before use especially if your pet has any pre-existing conditions such as problems with sleep, diabetes, medical concerns with circulation, back or neck issues, and /or low blood pressure. 

Canada Pooch offers a great line of dog calming products that utilizes a gentle weighted pressure to help calm your dog. Check out our Weighted Calming Blanket, Toy, and Vest. 

The weighted blanket for dogs applies a gentle pressure that resembles being hugged or pet, a stimulus to help dogs feel calm and at ease.

The Weighted Calming Toy is a companion toy that offers a sensory distraction to help soothe anxious dogs. A great option for dog’s that need a distraction when anxious and can be used in addition to the Canada Pooch Calming Vest or Calming Blanket.

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