Toronto, Canada (May 15, 2023) Canada Pooch, a leading pet lifestyle brand, announced today the launch of their newest collection, the Weighted Calming Collection. 

This collection was inspired by weighted blankets for humans and aims to help calm anxious dogs. The collection features a Weighted Calming Vest, Weighted Blanket, and Weighted Toy. Dog anxiety has increased by significantly in the last two years, and this new collection offers an innovative solution to help alleviate this issue.

The Weighted Calming Vest uses a WEIGHTED CALM™ insert made of non-toxic microbeads to provide gentle pressure and evenly distribute weight on the dog's shoulders to create a calmer emotional state. The vest is designed to offer constant pressure even when dogs move, making it ideal for anxious dogs that pace.

The Weighted Calming Blanket is designed to drape across the dog's body, with the WEIGHTED CALM™ insert offering gentle pressure through an evenly distributed weight to create a calming effect. The ultra-soft plush cover provides a perfect snuggle for dogs that freeze when anxious, and the light lavender scent offers an added calming element to help relax dogs.

The Weighted Calming Toy offers a sensory experience for dogs, with the WEIGHTED CALM™ insert providing gentle pressure when dogs play with the toy. The Weighted Calming Toy is designed to be a comforting companion for dogs that experience anxiety when left alone.

Canada Pooch worked with Vet Behaviourist Dr. Wilson to consult on the collection. The Canada Pooch Calming Collection is a breakthrough solution that offers pet parents an effective solution to help calm anxious dogs. 

“Canada Pooch has always been at the forefront of innovative solutions for dogs, and the Calming Collection is another example of our commitment to providing pets and their people with practical and effective solutions to enhance their dog's well-being.” Jacqueline Prehogan, CEO of Canada Pooch.

The Canada Pooch Calming Collection will be available in six sizes for the Weighted Calming Vest and Weighted Blanket, and in one size for the Weighted Calming Toy. The company recommends following the size guide and ensuring that the weight does not exceed 3% of the dog's body weight for the vest and 10% for the blanket.

The Calming Collection will be available at participating retailers, including PetSmart and online at

About Canada Pooch

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