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Why Do Dogs Need Protective Boots for Winter?

By Canada Pooch on Dec 17, 2020
Why Do Dogs Need Protective Boots for Winter?

When most pet parents think of dog boots, they immediately think of harsh winter conditions and protecting their pup. For pet parents who brave cold climates with their dogs, they know how winter weather can create harsh conditions for their pooch’s paws, including rain, snow, mud, salt and frozen pavement. If you’re exploring dog snow shoes for the first time, protective dog boots are a great way to add a layer between the elements and your dog’s paws each time you go for a walk.

Benefits of Protective Dog Boots

There are many benefits of dog boots that make getting a pair for your dog a good investment, regardless of the climate you live in. Dog boots can provide protection and comfort throughout the year especially if your pup has sensitivities. The all-season benefits of dog wellies or boots can help on a rainy day or when walking with your dog through city streets and on rough, gravely ground. So whether you’re looking for small dog boots or to find a pair for the toughest great dane in town, read on to learn everything you need to know to find the perfect boots for dog walking.  

Do Dogs Need Foot Protection in the Snow?

Dog paws usually have thick pads on the bottom, which make it easier for dogs to walk on different surfaces. However, their paws are still sensitive to the environment and there are places where your dog should have the appropriate paw-wear. This is especially true in colder climates where frostbite is a possibility, and many pet parents invest in durable dog snow shoes. However, just having the right dog snow boots or wellies can easily protect your dog from the elements and possible injuries.

Helpful Tip: Have you ever tried the pavement test before? We recommend taking your bare hand and placing it on the pavement for 10 seconds. If the surface is too cold for your hand, it is likely too cold for your dog's paws!

Can Salt Hurt a Dog’s Paws? 

Salt can dehydrate your dog’s paws quickly, which makes the skin on their pads dry and cracked. Having dry and damaged skin is uncomfortable on a normal day, but can be made worse especially while walking through wet areas. Wearing protective dog boots can keep the salt off of your dog’s paws and prevent discomfort. Salt is a typical culprit in the winter for dog’s licking their paws. Protective dog boots help eliminate this issue all together.

Waterproof Dog Boots Can Keep Mud Off Paws 

Nobody likes muddy prints in their house, even if they are small and paw shaped. Dog boots make cleaning up after a walk much simpler. Instead of having to get your paw towel when you come in the door, you can just take the dog boots off inside and rinse off the bottoms of the boots while your dog enjoys their post walk zoomies or a nap. It doesn’t just benefit your floors though, keeping mud off of your dog’s paws can also prevent infection.

Is it Bad for Dogs to Have Wet Paws? 

While some dogs enjoy playing in the rain, others hate getting their paws wet. Even if your dog likes rainy weather, having consistently wet paws can be bad for a dog’s health. A pair of protective dog boots  can help alleviate that. 

The Best Dog Boots for Winter: What to Look for

Now that we’ve explained why dogs need protective boots, it’s important to note that not all dog boots are equal. There are some poor quality dog boots that won’t last long and that will constantly fall off your pet’s paws even before you walk out the door. Fortunately, it is possible to find a great pair made of high-quality materials and with the right balance of features that keep your dog comfortable and dry.

How to Measure Your Dog’s Snow Boots Size 

To get a pair of dog boots that stay on, it’s important to get the right size. Choosing a pair of dog boots that’s too big or small won’t work. Every manufacturer has a different size chart so be sure to measure your pup’s paws and compare it against the size chart to ensure that you get the right size. 

Which Dog Boots Are Best For Snow? 

The best dog boots for snow have an anti-slip material on the bottom. Anti-slip material makes it easier for you and your dog to walk and play in places that are wet or icy. It helps keep you both safe and upright on tricky surfaces.

What’s The Difference Between Water-Resistant vs. Waterproof Dog Boots?

Despite having a lot of human apparel that is listed as waterproof or water-resistant, it’s always easy to get them mixed up so here is a helpful reminder. Water-resistant dog boots are designed to push water away from your dog’s paws. While it cannot stop all of the water, it can help keep your dog’s paws dry. Waterproof dog boots will keep all liquids out of the shoes. 

Which one you choose depends on your needs and where you spend most of your time walking. If you are only getting wet occasionally, then water-resistant materials may be a better choice. 

What Kind of Lining Should I Look For in Dog Wellies or Snow Boots?

Dog boots can either be lined or unlined with a material that’s inside of the boot. If where you live is warmer and rainy, you may want to consider unlined dog boots over lined ones. If you live where it’s chilly and snowy, interior lining can help the boot stay on and keep your pet’s feet warmer. 

Our Wellies dog boots are available in both unlined and lined versions. The unlined version has an extra grip inside the shoe to help keep the dog boot in place. Our boots are available in fun colors such as black, red, and yellow with adjustable straps that help your dog boots stay on. 

How Do I Choose the Best Boots for Dog Walking? 

Just like reflective stripes on athletic wear for humans, reflective stripes on dog boots are stylish and increase visibility for your pet. If you go on walks in the dark, especially in the winter when the sun goes down earlier, reflective stripes reflect off of headlights and street lights to keep your pup visible. 

Canada Pooch’s new Soft Shield Dog Boots are made from a comfortable soft, water resistant, canvas material. In addition to a toggle for secure fit and snow guard, it also has a reflective stripe that keeps the boot secure and makes your dog more visible during nighttime walks. These protective dog  boots are great for dog walking in both rainy and colder weather. 

Durable Dog Snow Shoes and Boots 

Walking in the snow or rain can damage more delicate fabrics, especially if the boots do not have a rubber sole. Choosing a pair of dog boots that are made from durable materials is an investment in your pooch so that you do not need to replace them frequently. A high-quality pair of wellies or snow shoes can last many seasons for your pup!

Ease of Use: Dog Boots That Stay On

For a lot of pet parents, dog boots often seem like a hassle even with all the great benefits they offer. They can be tough to put on and then tough (albeit a little funny to watch) your dog walk in them. If they are difficult to use or put on you and your pup won’t put up with them. We recommend looking for dog boots that are easy to use, put on,  walk in, and care for. There are a lot of great options but it’s best to find the one that works for your dog. 

Closures That Will Ensure Dog Boots Stay On

One of the features that can determine if protective dog boots are the best  for your dog is the closure. It is that part that keeps the boots on, and different types of closures can make a big difference in how well they stay on.

There are several types of closures that you can choose from. Some of the most common options are:

  • Buttons
  • Velcro
  • Toggles
  • Laces
  • Elastic

Whichever type of closure you choose, it must be able to stay on securely. You do not want to have to refasten your dog’s boots too often or you will risk having them fall off. Look for a closure that is also safe for your dog. 

What Are Dog Sock Boots Used For?  

The best winter dog boots depend on where you travel and live. If you plan to hike with your dog or spend a lot of time in the snow, you might want to opt for a lined dog boot with a rubber sole made from very durable material. However, if you’re just looking for the best boots for daily dog walking, choosing protective boots with a reflective stripe could be a better choice.

Canada Pooch has the best winter dog boots for snow, ice, and rain. Shop for protective dog boots that your pup will love today.

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