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Seasonal Guide for Small Dog Clothes

By Jackie Serpe on Aug 9, 2022
Seasonal Guide for Small Dog Clothes

Just like humans, your dog’s clothing needs will vary by season. And small dogs are often more sensitive to seasonal temperature fluctuations than larger breeds. They have difficulty retaining body heat due to their smaller frames, and some small breeds (especially brachycephalic breeds) struggle to cool themselves effectively in hot weather.  

Should Small Dogs Wear Clothes?

Selecting the right clothes  can be beneficial for both you and your small dog. You’ll be at ease knowing that your pup is well-protected from the elements. 

If you’re hoping to outfit your small dog with a functional and stylish wardrobe that will keep them comfortable all year long, look no further. Here are our top small dog clothing picks for each season! 



Summertime often means more time spent on outdoor adventures with your dog. Whether you’re hitting up a dog-friendly patio for brunch, headed to the lake, or enjoying a sunny afternoon in the park, dressing your pup for the occasion will ensure they are comfortable and protected from the elements. The following small dogs clothes for summer provide the perfect protection for your pup from heat, UV rays, and hot pavement.

Cooling garments are a fantastic way to prevent your dog from overheating, and Canada Pooch makes several products that work wonderfully for small dogs. Each item uses water-retaining fabric with breathable mesh layers to cool dogs through the evaporation technique, which you initiate by adding water. The Chill Seeker Cooling Vest offers full coverage of your pup’s back and chest, providing relief from the heat while protecting against sunburn. A cooling bandana is another practical way to keep  your dog cool in the heat. You can pair either of these items with the Chill Seeker Cooling Hat to complete your pup’s cooling wardrobe! 

Sunburn is another concern for small dogs during the summer, primarily for breeds with thin fur or no fur at all. A dog’s ears, nose, and belly, where fur is sparse, are the most vulnerable places for sunburn. Covering your dog with a thin shirt, such as the Sunshield Tee, is a great way to avoid excess sun exposure. This stretchy, quick-drying garment is made from a fabric that offers UV protection of UPF 50+ and comes in multiple sizes so your small dog can find their perfect fit. Because it is fast-drying, the Sunshield Tee is a fantastic way to offer additional sun protection when your dog spends time near the water.

For beach days, a towel is essential for drying off and warming up after a cool swim. The Beach Bum Towel Hoodie does both while providing a stylish accessory for your dog to sport on the shore! 

Last but not least, you can’t overlook your pup’s paws. Potty breaks and short walks may be unavoidable during the summer, but the rubber soles of the Hot Pavement Boots will protect your dog’s paws from hot surfaces. 


Fall brings fluctuating temperatures and increased precipitation, making it a chilly and damp time for your pup, especially for dogs with thin coats. 

A cozy small dog hoodie or sweater makes a convenient extra layer for early morning or evening excursions when the sun is down. The Cool Factor Hoodie is made from teddy bear fleece and will coordinate nicely with your own fleece sweaters to create a stylish outdoorsy look. Alternatively, the Icon Sweater, with its vibrant two-tone rib knit, will help your pup make a statement at the dog park on chilly days. 

The Utility Parka is a great small dog coat to keep them  warm during autumn walks and hikes. It features a built-in dog harness and a thermal lining that reflects your dog’s body heat to keep them warm during brisk days. 

On rainy fall days, the stylish Torrential Tracker raincoat has a water-resistant shell and offers full coverage of your pup’s back and belly, while its reflective trim helps improve visibility for nighttime walks. It comes in three vibrant colors (yellow, pink, and rainbow) to ensure your pup can be spotted easily in any weather. 


Whether you’re headed on a ski vacation or simply want your pup to stay clean and dry during their daily backyard romp, having the right gear will keep your small dog warm and cozy even when there’s snow or ice on the ground. 

Canada Pooch’s Slush Suit is a versatile winter onesie that offers full-body protection from rain, snow, and slush. For small dogs that are extra sensitive to cold, the Snow Suit offers additional insulation. Both the slush suit and small dog snowsuit will help keep your pup warm and dry so they can continue to walk, run, and play outside during the winter. 

Pair these products with the Soft Shield Boots to protect your pup’s paws from snow, ice, and the harmful salt and chemicals used to clear roads and sidewalks. They come in all sizes to fit your small dog’s feet perfectly. The grippy rubber soles of these boots will help your pup keep their footing on slippery surfaces. 

On the coldest  days, a cozy small dog coat for winter  makes a stylish outer layer for added warmth on your daily walk. The Prism Puffer is fleece-lined and comes in three fun patterns, allowing your dog to showcase their vibrant personality everywhere they go! For more options, check out Canada Pooch’s entire collection of parkas and jackets.


Spring weather can be so unpredictable, fluctuating from warm and cheerful to cold and rainy — sometimes all on the same day — so your pup’s spring wardrobe should be versatile and ready to go with many different small dog outfits.

Dog rainwear is sure to come in handy during spring walks. Not only will it help your small dog stay warm and dry during outdoor adventures, but it will also help keep them cleaner, meaning less mess around the house. Canada Pooch’s Torrential Tracker raincoat is a great option for small dogs because it offers plenty of coverage without restricting movement and comes in bright colors for easy visibility. The Complete Coverage Raincoat offers even more coverage and toggles to help adjust the fit for any body type. Complete your pup’s rainy day ensemble by pairing either raincoat with the Torrential Tracker Rain Hat to keep raindrops off your pup’s face! 

Even when the sun comes out, spring days can be blustery and cold. A hoodie for your small dog may be handy  in case your dog needs extra warmth. The fleece-lined Whatever the Weather Hoodie comes in three fun, personality-packed patterns and has a water-repellent exterior for drizzly days! It’s perfect for erratic spring weather! 

The Bottom Line

If you are wondering if small dogs should wear clothes, consider that they may be sensitive to fluctuating temperatures and increased sun exposure. Stocking a few practical wardrobe items for each season will help them stay comfortable so they can continue to accompany you on all your usual excursions, whether it's a daily walk, a trip to the dog park, or a weekend getaway! 

When shopping for small dog clothes, be mindful of the fit and ensure that the clothing item isn’t restricting your pet’s movement in any way or is too loose. Canada Pooch strives to create dog clothing that accommodates all body sizes. Don’t hesitate to contact one of our fit experts to find the perfect size for your small dog  as you shop!

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