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How to Prepare Your Dog for Rainy Days with a Dog Raincoat?

By Canada Pooch on Oct 11, 2023

Let's face it, walking your dog on rainy days can sometimes be a struggle. However, have you considered using a dog raincoat to help your pet cope with harsh weather conditions? This article will detail the importance of a dog raincoat, how to pick the perfect one for your pup, precautions to take during rainy walks and finally, the maintenance of your pet's raincoat. So, gear up and get ready to embrace those rainy-day walks with your dog. 

Why is a Dog Raincoat Necessary for Rainy Days? 

To begin with, a dog raincoat is a valuable gear when it's time for a stroll with your pet on a rainy day. For dog parents who live in areas where the rainy season is prevalent, investing in a dog raincoat isn't just a fashion statement; it's a necessity. Leaving your pup uncovered in the wet weather can result in them experiencing discomfort due to their wet fur. 

What are the Benefits of a Dog Raincoat on Rainy Days? 

Wearing a dog raincoat not only keeps your dog dry during a rainy walk, but it could also save you the hassle of having to dry their fur as soon as you return home – an often-time-consuming activity that can be completely eradicated with the right dog product.

Specially designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, a dog raincoat features a waterproof or water-resistant layer that prevents water from seeping through the material. This means the coat helps to keep your pet dry even during the heaviest of downpours. Additionally, many dog raincoats come with hoods or hats to keep your dog's head dry, which is where they lose most of their body heat. 

How to Select the Right Dog Raincoat for Your Pup? 

Selecting the right dog raincoat involves evaluating several factors such as size, comfort level, material, and design. It's essential to think through each one systematically to ensure you pick the best product. 

What to Consider When Choosing a Dog Raincoat? 

The first factor you need to consider is size. Take accurate measurements of your pet to ensure the raincoat fits snugly but not so tight that it makes them uncomfortable. If the dog's raincoat is too loose, rainwater could sneak in, defeating its purpose. Choose a doggy raincoat made of water-resistant and breathable fabric for long-lasting use. Moreover, opt for a design that is easy to put on and take off to limit the stress on your pup. 

How to Correctly Size a Dog Raincoat? 

To correctly size a dog raincoat, you'll need to take two measurements: the length of your dog from the neck to the base of its tail and its chest's circumference at its widest point. Reference our size guide on-site to find the proper fit for your pup. Thus, your dog can safely walk during rainy walks, in a coat that fits perfectly. 

How to Take Care of Your Dog's Raincoat After Use? 

Dog raincoat aftercare is key to prolonging its utility, ensuring it remains in top condition for the next use. Here's how you go about it: Begin by shaking it out to remove any loose dirt or debris, then use a damp cloth to wipe down the outside. 

How to Properly Clean a Dog Raincoat After a Rainy Day Walk? 

Once you return from your rainy walk, it is time to focus on the dog raincoat. Read the washing instructions that usually come with the product. Most raincoats can be washed in a machine with mild detergent. Always air-dry the raincoat to preserve its water-resistant features. 

What is the Recommended Dog Raincoat Aftercare Process? 

After a walk, you should clean the raincoat thoroughly, dry it completely to prevent mildew, and store it in a dry place. Check for and mend any damage immediately. A good-quality dog raincoat can serve your pet for several rainy seasons with proper aftercare. 

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