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How to Train Your Dog to Wear Boots

By Canada Pooch on Aug 2, 2022
How to Train Your Dog to Wear Boots

Dog boots are a practical wardrobe staple for your pup. They offer many benefits, including protecting your dog’s paws from rough terrain. Summer dog boots protect against hot surfaces, while winter dog boots keep  them warm during cold weather, and offer  additional traction in slippery conditions.

Plus, boots will keep your dog’s paws clean and dry, meaning no wet, muddy footprints on your furniture after a walk – they’re a win for everyone! 

Read on to learn how to choose the right size for your dog boots so they stay on, tips for helping your pup get used to wearing boots, and our recommended styles for each season! 

Find the right fit

Choosing an appropriately sized boot is essential for both comfort and function, and is the first step in successfully training your dog to wear boots.

To determine which size of boot will fit your dog best, you’ll need to measure your pup’s paws. Grab a soft measuring tape and follow these steps:

  1. Have your dog stand with all four paws flat on the floor
  2. Measure the distance from the front of your dog’s toes to the back of their paw where it no longer touches the ground
  3. Measure the width of your dog’s paw across the widest part from edge to edge
  4. Review the relevant sizing chart for your desired pair of boots to see what will fit your pup best

    Dog boots should fit snugly on your dog’s paws so they stay on and your pup can walk naturally without them shifting position.


    Let your dog investigate the boots

    An essential part of training your dog to wear boots is to  give your dog a chance to inspect them for a few moments before trying to put them on. Once they’ve had an opportunity to satisfy their natural curiosity by sniffing the boots, go ahead and put them on. 


    Praise your dog as you put the boots on

    Depending on your dog’s tolerance, you might start by putting one or two boots on before building up to putting all four on. Use lots of praise and treats to help your dog adjust to the new sensation of wearing booties. If this is your dog’s first time wearing anything over their paws, they may be confused or curious about the boots. Using positive reinforcement to train your dog  in the form of treats and pats will help put your dog at ease. 


    Use toys to help your dog adjust to the boots

    Wearing boots will probably feel weird for your dog at first, and they may be inclined to try shaking the boots off because they feel funny. 

    Train your dog to wear the boots by playing with your pup while they’re wearing them. It  will help take their attention away from the boots and focus on something they love, which will keep the dog boots on Once your dog realizes they can still do all their favorite things, they’ll be wearing boots with ease. 

    It may take a few attempts before your pup adjusts to wearing boots, so don’t be discouraged if they don’t adapt right away. 


    Have your dog wear the boots inside at first

    Before you go on a walk, have your dog wear the boots around the house a little to get used to them. This is also a great opportunity for you to make sure the boots fit properly and don’t fall off, which will help ensure your dog can walk comfortably in them. 


    Adjust the fit, if necessary

    Many pet parents wonder how you can get dog booties to stay on. Ensuring the boots fit properly is essential for helping your dog adjust to wearing them. They should fit snugly over the paw so your dog can still walk naturally. At the same time, the boots should be easy to get on and off. There may be some natural resistance as you put the boot on, but if you have to force the boot over your dog’s paw, it’s likely too small. The paw should not be squished inside the boot. If your dog’s paw can’t flex comfortably once the boot is on, it is too tight. 

    Secure the boot around your dog’s ankle with the velcro strap to help them stay in place while walking. Some boot styles (such as the Hot Pavement Boots and Soft Shield Boots) also feature a toggle at the top of the boot to help it stay in place.  

    Watch your dog as they walk in the boots. If the boot slips out of place, it means the boot is too big and your dog needs a smaller size. 


    Choosing the right boots for summer or winter

    Canada Pooch offers boot styles for every season! 

    Best summer dog boots 

    During the summer, warm weather can cause the pavement to reach temperatures that are damaging for your dog’s paws. Summer dog boots can protect their paws from the heat. The graphic below illustrates just how hot asphalt can get in relation to air temperature. Before walking your dog in the summer, it’s wise to do a quick pavement check– place your hand on the asphalt. If the pavement is uncomfortable for your hand it will be uncomfortable for your dog’s paws, too. 


    But we understand– your pup may still need exercise or a potty break during hot weather! Canada Pooch developed the Hot Pavement Boots to protect your dog’s paws on occasions like this. These summer dog boots insulate your dog’s paws from hot terrain. They have rubber grip on the soles for traction and drainage holes so they can be worn comfortably in the water. They come in blue and pink and are available in six sizes!

    Best winter dog boots 

    During cold weather, winter boots offer protection from the elements while providing additional traction during slippery conditions. Not only can snow and ice be cold and uncomfortable for your dog’s paws, but the salt and ice-melting chemicals used to clear roads and sidewalks can dry out their paw pads and cause painful cracks. Boots will keep your dog’s paws cozy while protecting them from coming into contact with these harmful substances!

    Canada Pooch’s Soft Shield Boots are ideal for winter paw protection. They’re water-resistant and designed to protect your pup’s paws from snow, rain, and mud. They offer insulation from the cold weather and have a rubber grip on the sole offering traction in slippery conditions. They even have a reflective strap for improved visibility during dark, gloomy weather!

    If you think dog boots would make a practical addition to your pup’s wardrobe, click here to shop Canada Pooch’s complete collection of dog boots, shoes, and socks!

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