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How to Put on a Slush Suit

By Canada Pooch on Aug 25, 2022
How to Put on a Slush Suit

Do you want to give your dog full body protection from cold weather and rainy, muddy, and slushy elements? The Slush Suit is a protective suit for dogs that offers full body coverage and a layer of warmth during transitional weather into Fall and the Winter months. This includes covering your dog’s back, belly, and legs so that they are shielded from the elements.

Plus, the dog Slush Suit has a water-resistant exterior that will keep your dog’s fur clean and dry from rain, mud, slush, and snow, meaning no more wet or muddy cleanup required after your dog’s outdoor adventures!

Although dog onesies may seem a bit tricky to put on four legs, we have tips for how to put on a dog onesie to ensure  there are no gymnastics involved for you or your dog! The dog Slush Suit is thoughtfully designed for a smooth and accessible experience with  its easy pull-on design. 

Read on to learn how to put on and properly fit your dog’s Slush Suit with tips recommended by Canada Pooch’s expert fit team!

How do I put the Slush Suit on my dog?

You made the excellent choice of buying the Slush Suit for your pup, but how do you put it on? To put on and achieve a comfortable fit, picking the right size and taking advantage of the protective suit’s adjustable features will be helpful in getting your pup outfitted and ready to make the most of the Slush Suit’s protective benefits. 

What’s the easiest way to put the Slush Suit on your dog? Start by snapping the neck closure together to create a hole where you can slide the Slush Suit over your dog’s head. Easy pull-on comfort helps your dog get into the onesie without tugging or forcing the material on. Gently guide each front paw through the leg holes. Once the front paws are in, pull the body of the fabric over your dog’s back and slide the back paws in.

How do you put the Slush Suit on older dogs or dogs with mobility issues? Alternatively, a second method may be used for senior dogs who have lost some mobility in their joints. In this case, start by unzipping the dog onesie and place it on the ground under your dog, who should be standing. Start putting your dog’s paws and legs through all four leg holes. Then, drape the body of fabric around your dog’s back and body. Snap the neck closure together to help hold some of the material in place before you move onto the next step.

Close the Slush Suit around your dog by using the side zipper. Zip from back to front along your dog's body. If your dog has long hair or fur, be careful to tuck it in as you slowly zip up the dog onesie!

Now that you’ve put the Slush Suit on, it’s time to use the various adjustment features to ensure that it fits your dog perfectly and protects them from the elements. Gently tug the garment up your dog's neck and then smooth it down their back to ensure the garment is in place for full coverage. The material should not feel too stretched out or be too loose; and it should lay relatively smooth against their body. Adjust the toggle around the neckline to create a comfortable fit for your dog that sits closely to their fur. This will ensure a snug fit and block cold air from entering. Choose from two adjustment settings at the ankle using the button snaps to create a snug fit against your dog’s legs.This will ensure the fabric does not ride up on their legs; or if your dog is short-legged, it will not slide down.

How do I know if the Slush Suit is fitting my dog correctly?

Do you find it difficult to find winter dog onesies to fit your dog’s shape? Diverse dog sizes makes it difficult to know exactly how clothes should fit each individual pup, especially when considering full-body protective suits for dogs like the Slush Suit. Canada Pooch has put together a handful of suggestions to ensure you feel confident in fitting your dog properly in this multipurpose dog onesie so you and your dog can spend less time worrying and more time playing.

The Slush Suit is designed to fit over top of your dog’s harness for a seamless integrated dog walking experience. Be sure that there is enough room to comfortably layer the Slush Suit over your dog’s harness. Canada Pooch’s Everything Harness is a staple harness for many pups thanks to its comfortable and sleek construction for more enjoyable walks and should be a perfect fit under the Slush Suit.

A snug fit is the right fit. The slush suit should fit close to your dog’s body but not tight! It’s important that your dog moves comfortably without any restrictions to their movement. Pay attention to your pup’s body language when putting the Slush Suit on your dog. Any unusual or awkward movements are a clear indicator of discomfort and likely the wrong fit. On the other hand, the Slush Suit should not be so loose that you can grab handfuls of material while it's on your dog. Finding the right balance between a comfortable and snug fit is key when fitting this product on your dog for maximum protection.

When your dog is wearing the Slush Suit, there are a few additional areas to focus on that will show you whether or not it is fitting correctly. 

Neck: There is a seam at the neck which should sit where your dog’s collar usually sits and no further back. 

Belly: Your dog should have about 1-2 inches of room at the belly opening. This should be a slight gap to give your pup space for movement. If there is a gap much larger than this then there is a risk of having a potty accident when wearing it.

Leg Length: Both short and tall dogs are encouraged to enjoy the Slush Suit but should be mindful of the leg lengths that vary with each size. The leg length should sit approximately halfway down an average dog’s leg which leaves room for boots. Canada Pooch’s Soft Shield Boots are a great paw protection solution that are easy to put on and actually stay on. They pair well with the dog Slush Suit for even more coverage from the elements. For shorter dogs, such as Dachshunds, French Bulldogs, and Pugs, the leg length will appear longer due to their shorter length in legs.

Back: The back of the garment should end on your dog’s back approximately 1-2 inches before the base of their tail. If the dog slush suit is too long, there could be a risk of potty accidents. 

The Bottom Line

A snug fit is characteristic of the Slush Suit in order for its design to work most effectively while protecting your dog from the fall and winter elements. Finding the best balance between too loose and too tight is highly recommended for this design. 

When shopping for winter dog onesies, finding the best fit for your dog is critical to avoid any potty accidents or discomfort. Consider your dog’s unique shape and size and learn how to take accurate measurements of your pup to help you select the perfect size. Canada Pooch strives to create dog clothing that accommodates all body sizes. Don’t hesitate to contact one of our fit experts to find the perfect size for your dog as you shop!
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