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How to Find the Right Fit: Sizing & Measurements for Dog Clothes & Shoes

By Canada Pooch on Dec 17, 2020
How to Find the Right Fit: Sizing & Measurements for Dog Clothes & Shoes

 It can be tricky to determine dog measurements and sizing for dog clothes, whether it's for dog parkas, sweaters, dog boots, or socks. Just like us, our pets are unique with their own shapes and quirks. At Canada Pooch, we have over 14 sizes because we appreciate that pups come in every shape and size. Our products can fit almost any dog from a small Chihuahua to a large Golden or Rottweiler and a selection of our products even fit a Great Dane! We work hard to ensure that we can accommodate each individual pup.

We hope to simplify the process of measuring your dog for clothes to help get your pup in some gear that has them feeling comfortable and confident. The way we do when we find the perfect pair of pants, shirt, or new jacket! 

Where to Start - How Do You Measure the Size of a Dog?

A common myth is that you choose dog clothing sizes based on weight like you would for their food. However, sizing for dog clothes is a bit different! 

To begin measuring your dog, you will need a soft tape measure. If this is unavailable, a string and ruler will work in place. 

How to Measure a Dog for Coats & Sweaters:

When measuring your dog for coats, outerwear and knitwear, you need two measurements: their back length and their chest girth. To measure the back length of your dog, place your measuring tape at your dog's neck (where a collar would sit) and measure down the back to where their torso meets with their tail, stop your measurement at the beginning of their tail. Take note of that measurement, it’s important for dog coat and sweater sizing! To measure their girth, start at the broadest part of their chest (typically right behind their front legs) and wrap around their top until your tape measure meets itself. Write both measurements down as they’ll come in handy later.

Have their measurements for dog clothes? Great! You’re all set to start browsing our winter raincoats and parkas. The majority of our apparel is highly adjustable. You can reference a dog clothing size chart on each of our product pages to cross-reference the measurements you took with the measurements listed. 

How Do I Know What Size My Dog Wears?

For apparel, our dog clothing sizes are numbered to allow for the best fit possible! The size of our product directly correlates to the back length of your pup. For example, a size 10 will usually fit a dog with a 10" back length. Each size has a variance of two inches in back length to allow for a better fit and a broader array of dogs we can service! 

Measuring for Dog Boots and Socks:

Now to measure for dog boots, socks, and other paw-wear! Similarly to outerwear and knitwear, two measurements are needed to determine dog shoe size. Paw width and paw length. To measure your dog's paw width, have their paw flat to the ground, measure their paw from edge to edge. For the length, keep their paw flat on the ground and measure their paw from their nails to where their paw is no longer touching the ground. Just like before, hang on to these measurements!

For our paw-wear, we use a typical small, medium, large, sizing methodology. Cross-reference the measurements you’ve taken with the dog shoe size chart!

"My Dog Falls In-Between Sizes":

Not to worry! This is why we make our dog clothing sizes in increments of two. Sizing up or sizing down is more of a personal preference. When wearing our apparel, it is ideal for the garment to end right around the beginning of your pup’s tail. Apparel should not be so long that it hangs significantly over their rear, or so short that it doesn’t offer ample back-coverage. An excess of fabric over-hang can cause your pup to be uncomfortable and inhibit their ability to properly do their business! This excess of material can also cause the coat to shift too much as the dog moves, which can be bothersome to dogs with noise sensitivities. Each dog has their own unique preferences, some would prefer the comfort of a slimmer fit, and some would prefer a looser fit. You know your dog best! 

If you are in-between dog shoe sizes for boots, we always recommend sizing up. You have the option to tighten the boots to fit your dog's legs as necessary, ensuring their paws are always comfortable! 

Knit-wear offers a bit more room for error in both paw-wear and apparel sizing for dogs. We use stretch fabrics on most of our knits to guarantee we are getting every dog in something to keep them snug and protected! Our sweaters and socks are great for beginner pet parents and growing puppies! 

Dog Breed Sizes: 

If you can’t get the measurements for dog clothes, we’ve got you covered ! At Canada Pooch, we are a group of people who pride ourselves on being dog lovers and dog experts. We have measured and tested our apparel on a ton of different dog breeds, ranging from American Bulldogs to Yorkshire Terriers. We offer a "Size by Breed" option on our products that allow you to see what dog clothing size your breed typically wears! We offer three sizing suggestions, from the smaller end of your pups breed to the larger end. 

If you don’t see your dog’s breed, let us know! We would love to size and fit as many breeds as possible to not only ensure we are helping you find their perfect fit but ensuring we are always informed with what works best for specific builds!

Need More Help?

Still not sure about dog clothes sizing or how to measure a dog for clothes? Not a problem! If you have further questions, you can contact us by phone, live chat, and email. Our fit experts are happy to go over the details with you to make sure your dog is in their best fit. Fit experts are available 7 days a week: Contact A Fit Expert.

Canada Pooch has all the necessities to ensure that your dog is always happy in our products made from the highest quality materials, thoughtful design, and workmanship. We’re here for you. Be it on every walk, in a torrential downpour, a blizzard, or the hottest summer day -- we have full confidence in our entire product line! 

Shop our best sellers to see what other pet parents and their furry friends are enjoying.

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