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8 Easy DIY Halloween Costumes for Your Dog

By Canada Pooch on Sep 29, 2022
8 Easy  DIY Halloween Costumes for Your Dog

Halloween is a fun time of year for you and your pup to flex your creative muscles and dress up in adorable costumes. But, coming up with the best Halloween costumes for dogs takes a lot of imagination, especially if you prefer not to use a store-bought, pre-made costume.

While pre-made costumes can be cute, they may not be the best option for your pup. They are often too thin for cold weather and won’t keep your pup sufficiently warm when out trick-or-treating or attending your neighbourhood’s Halloween dog costume contest. Plus, these costumes are often ill-fitting, making it hard for your dog to move around comfortably.

Nobody wants a wardrobe malfunction on Halloween!

Embracing your creativity and using pet apparel to create your own costume is the best way to ensure your dog is comfortable on Halloween and to have a lasting garment that you can still make use of afterwards! With simple modifications, you can transform your dog’s Canada Pooch clothing into an adorable (and comfy) costume! We’ve suggested a few fun ideas below in this guide for DIY dog halloween costumes to help you get started!

But remember, for your dog’s safety, you should never leave them unsupervised in their costume. 

Rainbow with a Pot of Gold

There are few things to treasure more than your perfect pup, so why not dress them up as a rainbow with a pot of gold for Halloween?! Our Over the Rainbow Sweater makes the ideal foundation for this adorable DIY puppy or adult dog costume concept. 

This rainbow rib-knit sweater will keep your dog warm and cozy while you’re out trick-or-treating. It slips on over your dog’s head and features a half-zip neck, so you can roll the collar back or unzip it to best fit your dog’s neck. The sweater features a small opening in the back so your dog can wear a harness underneath and you can easily attach a leash for walking without covering up your dog’s costume. 

For the rest of the DIY dog costume, source some felt fabric in white, black, and gold and cut out clouds, a pot, and gold nuggets. Then, use a needle and thread to stitch the shapes together to create a pot of gold and some puffy clouds. If you prefer not to sew, you could use a glue gun to secure the shapes to one another. To give the costume a more luxe look, instead of felt, you could opt for fabric with interesting textures, perhaps faux shearling for the clouds or faux leather for the pot. 

Once you’ve cut them out, attach your clouds and your pot of gold to the Over the Rainbow Sweater to complete the costume. Attach the shapes using a method you feel most comfortable using with your dog’s safety in mind. We suggest using a few loose hand stitches to attach the shapes so that way, you can remove them after Halloween and return the sweater to your pup’s everyday wardrobe!

Army Cadet 

An army cadet is a classic Halloween costume for dogs. Thanks to Canada Pooch’s Glow-In-The-Dark Camo Sweater, it’s incredibly easy to pull together a homemade dog costume! Best of all, the glow-in-the-dark fabric will help your dog remain visible if you’re out trick or treating after dark! 

The Glow-In-The-Dark Sweater is made from a stretchy, knit fabric that will help your pup stay warm in cool fall weather. It slips on over your dog’s head and features an opening on the back to easily attach a leash to a harness or collar underneath. This sweater comes in sizes 8 through 28, so it will fit a wide range of dog breeds and sizes.

Pairing a few accessories with the Glow-In-The-Dark Sweater will complete the army cadet DIY dog Halloween costume. Purchase a set of “dog tags” for your pup to wear around their neck, or make them out of tin foil!


In need of a last minute DIY dog costume? Another super easy Halloween costume for dogs is a cowboy or cowgirl costume! All you need is a denim vest and a hat! Canada Pooch’s Downtown Denim Vest is the perfect foundational piece for this costume. 

Whether you’re looking for a DIY puppy costume or adult dog, the Downtown Denim Vest comes in sizes 8 through 28, so it will fit a wide range of dog breeds and sizes. Because it’s sleeveless, your pup will have no trouble moving around with the vest on. It features metal buttons on the front closure and can be worn open or closed, depending on what you think looks best! 

If you’re concerned that the vest won’t be warm enough, add a fleece-lined Frosty Fleece Sweatsuit underneath. The red plaid pattern will fit the cowboy theme perfectly and ensure your dog stays warm when out and about. 

Complete your pup’s cowboy or cowgirl ensemble by pairing the outfit with a cowboy/cowgirl hat. You could fashion one on your own using felt or source one online. Additional optional accessories include a badge, which you could fashion out of tin foil or grey fabric, and a kerchief!

Pink Lady, from Grease

When it comes to DIY Halloween costumes for female dogs, you can’t go wrong by dressing your pup as a Pink Lady! Not only is this costume adorable and iconic, but it’s also one of our easiest DIY dog costumes to pull off in a short amount of time, and it only requires one clothing item and minimal modifications.

Canada Pooch’s Shacket in Pink Plaid would make the perfect Pink Lady jacket! It comes in sizes 8 through 28, so it’s sure to fit dogs of all shapes and sizes. It also has a stretchy panel on the belly to help accommodate rounder pups. The Shacket is made from soft flannel and features a cozy hood! The jacket’s fleece lining that will help your pup stay warm on chilly evenings. 

For a slightly edgier take on a Pink Lady costume, you could dress your pup in the Downtown Denim Vest in Pink Tie Dye. The vest can be worn open or closed, depending on what you think looks best. The acid-washed tie dye denim is super stylish and adds a bit of grit to your pup’s look. If your dog is more Rizzo than Sandy, this is the way to go! 

Add the signature Pink Ladies logo to the back of the jacket to complete your pup's Pink Lady costume. You could opt to have it professionally embroidered or purchase a fabric pen and write it on the garment yourself. Remember, neither option is reversible, so your pup will be a Pink Lady for good!

Garth, from Wayne’s World

For a truly excellent DIY dog Halloween costume, dress your dog as Garth from  Wayne’s World. You only need three key items to bring this iconic costume to life: a blue flannel shirt, black box frame glasses, and a mop of blonde hair. If your dog happens to have a floofy blonde coat, they’re already most of the way there!

The foundational piece of this DIY dog costume idea is the blue plaid flannel, and Canada Pooch’s Shacket fits the bill perfectly. Can you believe there’s a Fall Shacket for dogs? This stylish jacket is made from a cozy flannel material and has a warm hood which can be worn up or down. The jacket is lined with fleece, which helps keep your pup warm if the Halloween forecast is chilly. The Shacket comes in sizes 8 through 28 and features a stretchy belly panel to accommodate dogs of all shapes and sizes. 

To complete your pup’s transformation into Garth, pick up a pair of thick-framed black glasses and pop the lenses out for comfort. Alternatively, you could make some glasses out of fabric– they wouldn’t have the same structure, but your pup may be more tolerant about wearing them! If your dog doesn’t have blonde fur, purchase a blonde wig and repurpose it for your dog. This may require cutting the wig apart and glueing strands of blonde hair to a dog hat so the wig will stay in place.

Once you’ve rounded up these three key elements, you and Garth will be ready to party on in one of our favourite DIY costumes for dogs


One of the first animals in space was a dog, which is why your dog might enjoy being an astronaut for Halloween. Try our Cold Front Raincoat in silver for a sleek, adorable look. It has a metallic exterior similar to astronauts in movies and makes an awesome, super easy DIY Halloween costume for dogs. You’ll be over the moon with how cute the coat looks and the extra protection it offers your dog on cold rainy walks. 

Besides a stellar look, the Cold Front Raincoat is waterproof, making it perfect for walking when it is going to rain. The inside is lined with fleece to keep your dog warm. This coat has a hood so you won’t have to fashion a helmet to complete the outfit. 

If you want to take your homemade dog costume further, there are a lot of ways you can add to the coat. This is what JM, the parent of @louiethebluefrenchie did, and the results were out of this world! JM told us, “I took water bottles and spray painted them silver, then I bought foam sheets from Michael’s and used that to create the planets and his rocket jet. The helmet was a plastic 32” fish bowl that I cut, and I used a black foam sheet with wire to secure it all together.” Check out JM’s amazing creativity and Louie’s adorable look below and @louie.bluefrenchie on IG! 

Georgie from the Movie, IT

If you are a fan of horror movies, then there is a good chance you have seen the movie IT, based on the novel by Stephen King. Georgie, the kid in the classic yellow raincoat, is a perfect last minute DIY dog costume idea for your dog. 

You don't need much to pull this look off, just a classic raincoat, some rain boots and a red balloon. Fortunately, Canada Pooch has both options. Our Torrential Tracker is almost exactly identical to the look of the classic yellow raincoat that Georgie wears. Check out one of our pet parents who perfectly re-created this look on their pup @mia__the_frenchie

The Torrential Tracker is a body-length raincoat for dogs. The inside is lined with a soft cotton blend for added warmth and comfort, especially in the cold rain. The outside is water-resistant polyester, which repels the water while staying breathable to keep your dog at the right temperature. Functional pockets and a hood add to the overall look and mean you can store treats for your dog in their own pockets! 

If you want to take the outfit a bit further, Canada Pooch also has rain boots for dogs that you can use. Our Unlined Wellies are available in several colours, including yellow, to match the raincoat. If it is going to rain on Halloween, the raincoat and boots are a good option to have with the added benefit that your dog will look just like a mini version of Georgie! 


If it’s especially chilly for Halloween and you’re looking for ultimate coverage to protect your pup, then dress your dog as a bandit for Halloween. An all-black, fully bodysuit and the perfect hat are all that you need to make this DIY dog Halloween costume work. Canada Pooch has several options to choose from. 

The Slush Suit is a great example to complete a bandit costume. It has a full coverage design for rainy, muddy weather. Your dog will look ready to stealthily sneak into trouble with this sleek black look, and you’ll be happy that once home, their fur should be relatively dry and clean! 

If you live in a place where it snows regularly and temperatures can drop below freezing often, then your dog may need extra warmth. Our Snow Suit is another full-length bodysuit for dogs, but this one is designed specifically for snowy conditions. Inside, there is an innovative thermal lining that traps and reflects your dog’s body heat back to them. That way, your dog stays at the right temperature no matter how cold your next snowy walk is. 

To complete the look and to give your dog some extra protection, add our 2-in-1 Bandit Hat. No bandit Halloween outfit for dogs is complete without a hat to cover your pooch’s head and neck. That way, your dog is exposed to the air and snow as little as possible. With functional ear slits and your dog’s face fully exposed, you won’t have to worry about your dog being able to walk safely. Plus, this hat just looks cute no matter what outfit it is worn with. 

More Apparel Options From Canada Pooch

Whether you’re looking for DIY puppy costumes, or a fresh idea for your adult dog, with sizes ranging from 8 to 28 and tons of different designs, you’re sure to find a creative Halloween costume for your dog using Canada Pooch apparel. Whether you’re staying in or going out, the goal should be to create an adorable and comfortable costume.

Keep the fit top of mind, as this will ensure your dog can easily move and play, even in costume! If you’re heading out trick-or-treating, consider adding glow-in-the-dark or reflective elements to your pet’s costume (if they aren’t already part of it) since visibility is key on dark autumn nights!  

By using pet apparel as the base of your costume and adding some accessories and embellishments, you can easily repurpose everyday clothing items into creative looks! If you’re incorporating Canada Pooch items into your dog’s Halloween costume this year, tag us on Instagram and TikTok using @canadapooch so we can share all of your DIY dog costume ideas and creations!

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