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Comfort and Control: The Benefits of Using Large Dog Harnesses

By Canada Pooch on Sep 25, 2023

Are you in the process of deciding between a collar and a harness for your large breed dog? Or perhaps you're wondering about the potential health benefits of using a harness? If you've considered a harness for your large dog but aren't sure where to start, we've got you covered. 

Understanding the Importance of a Dog Harness 

A dog harness is an essential piece of equipment that every pet parent should consider for their pooch. Unlike collars, a dog harness provides comfort and control, especially when handling large stronger dogs. When harnessed, leash manners are easily taught to dogs because the leash attachment is often placed in spots that offer the handler more control. 

The Role of a Dog Harness in Large Dogs 

One of the main benefits of using a large dog harness is the ability to control your dog without the risk of causing throat damage. This drastically improves safety during dog training, dog shows, and even simple walks. Since choking is often a concern with regular collars, large breeds benefit enormously from a proper-sized harness. 

There are two main types of harnesses, the back clip harness and the front clip harness. The back clip harness is the classic one, a perfect fit for large dogs with good leash manners. On the other hand, the front clip harness offers improved control and is ideal for dogs that pull. These harnesses offer immense comfort and control, making them a must-try tool for every dog parent. The Complete Control Harness and The Everyday Harness from Canada Pooch offer both a front and back clip.

Identifying the Key Differences Between a Collar and a Harness 

It's important to compare the classic collars with dog harnesses to understand the latter's advantages. Unlike collars that wrap around the dog's neck, harnesses go around the body, giving the handler a better grip and control. There's little to no risk of throat damage compared to the collars because the strain is evenly distributed on the dog's body. 

While chain leads and collars have been used for a long time, they can often lead to injuries and are not recommended. Instead, using a harness can be much better for your dog's well-being. Tactical leads like the front or back clip harnesses give the dog parent better control without compromising the safety of their pups. 

The Connection Between Health, Wellness, and the Use of a Dog Harness 

Just like feeding your dog quality dog food is essential for its health, using the right harness plays a crucial role in their wellness. Using a large dog harness aids in providing the dog with better posture and eliminating unnecessary pressure on its neck, promoting overall wellness. 

Moreover, the use of a dog harness aids in maintaining the proper alignment of the spine, especially in large dog breeds. This is because the pulling force is spread evenly across the torso, reducing strain on the neck and spine. This advantage goes hand in hand with training dogs for dog sports, where the proper alignment of the spine is critical. 

The proper dog harness, be it a front clip, back clip, or perfect fit harness, not only provides control but also ensures your dog's comfort and good health. Hence, as a dog parent, switching from a traditional collar to a dog harness could be one of the best things you can do for your pup’s well-being. 

Exploring the Benefits of Large Dog Harnesses 

All dog parents want the best for their pooches. One of the best investments a pet parent can make is in a large dog harness. Unlike collars, a harness offers improved safety and comfort for your pet. 

Depending on the size and breed, dog breeds like German Shepherds, Labrador Retrievers, and Bernese Mountain dogs tend to pull on their leashes. It's smart to shift from chain collars or chain leads to large dog harnesses to prevent throat damage and ensure better control. 

Enhanced Control with Large Dog Harnesses 

A large dog harness offers superior control over your pet. For instance, the leash attachment on the back of the harness allows for better control. This is especially helpful during dog training or while participating in dog sports. 

Dog harnesses come in various designs. For example, the Complete Control Harness allows for you to safety and comfortable maintain control of stronger dogs. The front clip harness gives better control over pulling dogs. 

Comfort and Safety: The Dual Advantage 

Another advantage of using a dog harness rather than a traditional collar is its comfort. A body harness evenly distributes pressure across the body, unlike collars that place pressure solely on the neck. This ensures minimal risk of discomfort or injury. 

Training Large Dogs: The Harness Advantage 

Large dog harnesses particularly shine in training scenarios where the pet parent needs to maintain control without hurting the dog. A body harness or a front-clip harness discourages dogs from pulling without causing throat damage. 

The use of harnesses is not just limited to dog shows. It's good to train dogs to use a harness from an early age. It's equally important to keep a complete dog food diet to ensure the dogs stay healthy while training. 

In conclusion, large dog harnesses provide a significant of comfort and control for both the dog and the parent, making them an excellent choice for any pet parent. 

How to Choose the Right Harness for Your Large Dog 

Ensuring your pup has suitable harness equipment is essential for comfort and control. Large dog harnesses provide increased control, reduced risk of throat damage, and improved safety for your pet.

Choosing the proper large dog harness depends on your dog's needs and activity level, the key features of the harness, and getting the proper size, material, and design. Keep reading to learn how to pick the perfect fit harness for your dog. 

Identify Your Dog's Needs and Activity Level 

Before you begin shopping for a large dog harness, understanding your dog's needs and activity level can provide valuable insights. For example, a dog that pulls requires a front clip harness to inhibit pulling and offer better control. On the other hand, a back clip harness is more suitable for dogs already trained with good leash manners. 

Does your dog participate in dog sports or shows? Specialist harnesses may be required. For instance, a tactical lead or a head halter could be considered. Dog training for such activities often specifies what type of leash attachment would provide optimum control. 

Key Features to Consider When Shopping for Large Dog Harnesses 

The dog harness market offers numerous options, making it a daunting task for pet parents to choose the right one. Among key features to consider are the location of leash attachments, the type of closure, and whether the harness offers adjustments for a perfect fit. 

Consider the closure type as well. A classic harness uses a snap-buckle, which is more common. However, a secure, locking buckle might be a better option for an escape-prone dog. 

Lastly, look for adjustable straps. Dogs can grow, gain, or lose weight, and a harness that offers adjustments ensures a long-term perfect fit. 

Making the Best of Size, Material, and Design of Dog Harnesses 

Large dog harnesses come in various sizes. The proper size harness for your pet can significantly affect their comfort. Before purchasing, take your dog's measurements and compare them to the manufacturer's size chart. Make sure to take your dogs weight into account and compare that to the manufacturers size guide. Weight is an important aspect to getting a properly fitted and safe harness for your pup.

Material consideration is equally important. Nylon is a common and durable material, but a breathable mesh fabric might be more comfortable for those in hot climates. Some dogs might benefit from padded harnesses for extra comfort

The design of the harness can also play a role. Some harnesses have built-in pockets for carrying small items, while others have reflective strips for increased visibility during night walks. Consider your pet's needs and your lifestyle. 

Remember, the goal is to find a large dog harness that provides your dog with complete comfort and you with control, enhancing the overall leash experience. Above all, ensure that the large dog harness you choose is the perfect fit for your pooch. 

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